Vidya Balan – The Kanjivaram Sari ‘Aficionado’

Apart from being the hottest vegetarian, she loves flaunting her new Kanjivaram saris in Red Carpet events and social gatherings. Yes we are talking about the lady in sari, Vidya Balan. You can see her showing off her colourful mango green sari with minute textured designs on its border, in the Star Screen Awards 2010. Her transformation from “celebrity with poor dressing sense” to “Glam Magnet” was quite admirable. A simple looking sari with chequered textures in yellow and black with eye-catching handcrafted peacock border and a stunningly matching silk blouse in the Big Star Entertainment Awards. A simple but elegantly looking Vidya in a traditional red silk sari, at the wedding reception of Dr.Sandesh Mayekar’s daughter Shivani. She was one of the main attractions in the recently concluded Star Screen Awards 2011. She stole the show with her gorgeous looking red kanjivaram silk sari with golden peacock designs nicely woven around the entire sari except the border. She also mentioned that she’s very happy to get a new Kanjivaram for her Birthday in an exclusive interview. After Rekha, now she’s the one who loves to appear in sari for the galas. The blog mentions her looks as “Rekha-esque”. You can check yourself a comparison with Rekha being present there on the Ceremony.


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