An Epic written in Kanjivaram

In this post, we bring you one more, among many interesting legends about the history of Kanjivaram as a place and the people from there.

Kantha Puranam is the Tamil version of the sanskrit epic, Skanda Puranam. It was written by Kachiyappa Sivachariar of Kumara Kottam at Kanjivaram. Kachiyappa Sivachariar lived at Kanjivaram approximately 1100 years ago. He was a very fortunate and blessed devotee of Sri Skanda. Before the age of 10, he mastered all learning including his specialty, the Sivagamas.

Lord Shanmukha one day appeared to him in a dream and ordered, “My boy, thou shalt sing a Tamil work and call it Kantha Purana, translating matter from the Sanskrit work, Sankara Samhita, and having for your first line, ‘Tigadachakkara-chemmukha-maindullan’.”

Kachiyappa Sivachariar awoke and thought over this, and thought over and over again, the kind commission accorded to him by his Lord. He took up the task and finished it suitably. According to the account of Kachiappa, each day he would write his inspired account of the career of Lord Murugan or Skanda, and in the evening deposit his day’s work in the mûlasthâam of Lord Subrahmanya at Kumara Kottam. Each night, miraculously, the Lord Himself would modify Kachiyappa’s manuscript with His own corrections. Hence, the Kanda Purânam is considered to be the absolutely authoritative account of Lord Murugan’s career bearing the seal of approval of none other than the Lord Himself.

Source Reference: ‘Kantha Puranam’ by Swami Sivananda – Link to original article:


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