The Kanjivaram at the Oscars

Bombay Jayashree at the Pre-Oscar party

We all know how important the Oscars are and more so its Red Carpet fashion! The clothes worn to award events such as the Oscars and the Golden Globes always receive intense worldwide media scrutiny, making their red carpets an international product placement area of great importance to fashion designers. At the international events, gowns dominate, but we’ve seen the most gorgeous of gowns take a backseat, while the sari shines on the red carpet. And this time at the Oscars, the shining star was none other than our much celebrated and renowned Carnatic singer – Bombay Jayashree.

The singer, who straddles multiple genres of music, was nominated for the best original song for her lullaby in Life of Pi. The song has been written, composed and sung by Jayashree for the Canadian composer Mychael Danna, who scored the music for the film. The fact that she did not win was a minor setback for us, as we still got to see her wear 2 stunning Kanjivaram pattus at the pre-Oscar party and at the ceremony itself.

Bombay Jaishree at the Oscars

Images courtesy: ABC, Kollyinsider & Bollywood Life


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